Weekly Updates

Welcome back to Term 3 in B6
I hope you have all had a wonderful winter holiday and are ready to share all your news.

This week we are going to be newspaper reporters and write articles about our holiday adventures and activities.

This week we are focussing on improving our Comprehension skills. We have new Comprehension and Sounds and Word Work activities on Studyladder.

This week we are concentrating on the reinforcement of our Addition and Subtraction strategies.

We have the court booked for Hockey but probably won't be able to use the field for soccer.  Fingers crossed the rain stops soon!

We are continuing with our Trees for our Calendar Art. They are looking striking with the bright colours and black trunks.

Remember to send your Raffle Tickets or if you cannot sell them, please return them to the office by Tuesday.

Please bring any outstanding Library books back on Tuesday morning.

Don't forget to make sure your chromebook is fully charged.

Week 10 in B6
I can't believe that it is Week 10 already! This term has flown by and we have achieved so much.

We have been reading articles about 'Changes' and experimenting. This week we hope to make crystals for the last week of our Inquiry.
Here we were tasting to see if we had made fresh water by evaporating the salty water 
This week we are going to publish our non-fiction books using Google Slides. We will learn to:

  • create and name a google slide document
  • create a title page, contents page, chapters, index and glossary
  • add photos, graphs, tables, diagrams, close-ups and other features of non-fiction books
  • add a QR code link
As part of our maths strand unit on measurement and our Inquiry topic, we will be measuring ingredients to bake bread. We will also be continuing to improve our problem solving skills.

Our ball skills this week are hockey skills.  We have the bike track booked for Wednesday, block 2.

Week 9 in B6
Last week we chose the topic for our Change inquiry non-fiction book title and stared researching it and making notes. We made notes on small squares of paper so that we could organise them into the different section in the book. We have colour-coded the information into the starting materials, the processes that change it, the end product and other interesting information. The next step is to decide what information should be in the Introduction, each paragraph and conclusion. 
Last week we also learnt about using QR codes. This week we are going to make our own QR code squares to add a link to our book.

Our collaborative problem solving skills in maths are continuing to grow. Last week we learnt more about time but didn't manage to complete our problem solving. So, this week we will be solving problems that link time knowledge and multiplication.  The stages we work through are shown below. Everyone gets a chance to give their ideas and together we decide on the best way to solve the problem. Each person has to be ready to explain their methods.

We will also be measuring the weights of different objects and getting a 'feel' for 1kg weights.

We have booked the bike track for Block 2 on Wednesday.

Our dribbling and passing skills are improving in soccer. We are doing really well, scoring lots of goals and having lots of fun versing other Year 3/4 teams during the lunchtime Inter-VLC soccer competition.

Week 8 in B6
We are now really good at writing reports and so we are ready to take on a bigger

We are going to produce an e-book based on our own chosen inquiry topic of Change.
This week we will:
1. Decide on a topic that we wonder about
2. Think about what we already know about this topic
3. Think about what other information we want to find out
4. Research this information
5. Take notes
6. Research the different features on Non-fiction books and start thinking about how we could share our information with the readers

Our collaborative problem solving skills in maths are continuing to grow. The poster below shows the stages we go through to solve a problem. Our problem this week involves a knowledge of time and multiplication.

We continue to develop our knowledge of time and will be starting to measure weight.

Inquiry - 'Going Further'
What 'Change' are we wondering about?
What 'Change' would we like to find out more about? How can we find out more?

We have booked the bike track for Block 3 on Thursday.

This week we will be practising our Badminton and Soccer skills.

Week 7 in B6
This week we are combining our Reading and Writing time to research information, write notes and then write a report on a chosen topic.
We are learning that notes are not written in full sentences but can be abbreviations, drawings, words or phrases.
We are going to have some fun, trying to catch each other out with a game of Fact or Fib. Can the rest of the group work out which are true facts and which statements are fibs?

We will be deciding for ourselves what a good Report includes and choosing what ours will have and how the information is best presented.
This could be:
Paragraphs starting with a Topic Sentence
Labelled Diagrams ....

We will continue our Science themed Art work.

Our Basic Multiplication and Division fact knowledge is growing and we are using this to solve harder and harder multiplication and division problems. We have a growing list of strategies to use with different problems. 

We have booked the bike track for Block 2 on Wednesday.

Week 6 in B6
Inquiry - 'Sorting Out'

Last week we were busy experimenting with bicarbonate of soda, vinegar, food colouring, oil, water, Coke, Mentos and many other mixtures. 
Our group chose one experiment and then considered 
What are we wondering now...
Here are a few of our wonderings
What would happen if we put Coke and Mentos in the volcano mould?
What would happen if we mixed Coke, Mentos, Bicarbonate of Soda and vinegar in the volcano mould?
How long will it take to freeze the bicarbonate of soda, food colouring and water mixture?
What will be different when we freeze the bicarbonate of soda mixture?
What will be different when we add the frozen bicarbonate of soda to vinegar and oil?

What else, other than water does not mix with oil?
What else mixes with milk to look like Brain Sludge (or vomit?)

Read our Student Updates section to see what we discovered.

Writing: We are busy learning about note taking so we can write interesting and informative reports.

Maths: We are continuing to learn about time and multiplication and division. This week we are reading an interesting book called '365 Penguins' and then solving problems based on the book.
Imagine if a penguin came to live with your family. What things would you have to consider?
Imagine if 365 Penguins came to live with your family!!!
I hope you are ready to solve some problems!

Reading: We will continue to learn more techniques to Summarise and take notes. These are very important skills for both Reading and Writing. We are focusing on Non-Fiction Texts again this week. 

We didn't manage to start our Art last week as we were up to our elbows in experiment mixtures. This week...

We will be combining our Science and Maths to inspire our Art over the next couple of weeks. We will be looking at 'Form' and how to draw 3-dimensional objects, colour mixing with water colours and thinking about 'Composition'. 

Week 5 in B6
This Wednesday, we have an e-learning Information Evening in the Hall. This will cover what we have achieved so far, the Google Learning Apps we are using at school, suggestions for learning at home and other important uses. I hope you can make it.

Thank you so much for coming to our Learning Celebration last Wednesday. I was very proud of how all your children shared their learning with such enthusiasm. On Thursday morning they asked me when we could have another Learning Celebration - so they obviously enjoyed it too!

Inquiry - 'Sorting Out'

Last Friday we chose some experiments we would like to try out this week. They have some pretty ghastly names! We are busy Predicting what is going to happen and writing Scientific Reports.

Writing: Last week, we collaborated to look at several examples of Reports. Together we noticed how they are organised and the word choices the Authors made. We are continuing to write information Reports on our chosen subjects, using these important organisation and word criteria.

Maths: We have a very practical week planned to learn more about Time. We will be developing a better 'sense' of time, building and using our own timers and solving time problems.

Reading: To prepare us for Report Writing, we are learning more about Summarising and Note Taking. These are very important skills for both Reading and Writing. We are focussing on Non-Fiction Texts this week.

Bikes and PE:

We have the bikes booked for Tuesday this week and we are continuing to develop our ball skills. We have a biking 'expert' coming on Tuesday to help us with our riding skills and help us ride safely.

We will be combining our Science and Maths to inspire our Art over the next couple of weeks. We will be looking at 'Form' and how to draw 3-dimensional objects, colour mixing with water colours and thinking about 'Composition'. 

Take a deep breath, here we go for another extremely busy week...

Week 4 in B6
Inquiry - 'Sorting Out'
We are starting to notice patterns in and make connections between the experiments we have observed so far. We are beginning to ask questions and develop ideas for our own inquiries.

Writing: All Writing has a 'Purpose'. This week we will look at some Report examples and discuss their Purpose and organisational features.
Then we will collect information and organise it into a Report.
By the time we are ready to carry out our own Inquiry experiments, we will be ready to write informative and detailed reports.

Maths: We will continue to develop our strategies for solving multiplication and division problems. We are continuing to improve our use of 'Talk Moves' to develop our Maths thinking. 

Reading: Our vocabulary knowledge continues to grow. This week we will list possible Synonyms for words in our shared Big Book. We continue to work on our individual and group goals during our Guided Reading groups.

Bikes and PE
We have the bikes booked for Friday (fingers crossed that the weather will stay dry) and we are continuing to develop our ball skills. 

We can't wait to show off our learning to you on Wednesday. There is still time to book a slot!
See you then!

Week 3 in B6
Inquiry - 'Finding Out'

We are busy predicting the changes that occur in our experiments. What happens and why? Are the changes Chemical or                                 Physical? 

Are they reversible or irreversible changes?

How can we hook the reader in to our writing?

We are breaking up our writing into paragraphs , making it easier to read and understand.

This week we are applying our knowledge of multiplication and division to solve 'Figure It Out' problems. We work in mixed ability groups and use  to develop our thinking.

We continue to develop a wider range of reading strategies and to read in a phrased, fluent and expressive manner. Our vocabulary is growing as we experience a greater variety of words and phrases and consider the Author's word choices.

Bikes and PE

We have the bikes booked for Wednesday and will continue to develop our ball skills. We are practising our chest and bounce passes.

Term 2 Week 2 in B6

 Last week we started 'tuning in' to our Changes inquiry. We had an observation walk around the school looking for all the 'Changes' we could find - and there were many!
Then, we started to think about what other things change. For example, I was disappointed to notice that the lounger on my deck is rusting and my not last too much longer.
This week we will start to make a list of the changes we would like to investigate. 
Professor Von Fritz visited from Germany  and blew up a few bottles with Coke, Mentoes, Vinegar and Bicarbonate of Soda. Please read our Student Comments section for more details. We also froze juice without visiting Antarctica or putting it into the freezer. Please ask how we did it...
This Tuesday another mad scientist friend of Professor Von Fritz is visiting us. We can't wait!

 This week we start our focus on Multiplication and Division. We are learning more efficient methods to solve Multiplication and Division problems. We are also using photos to make CONNECTIONS between Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction, Fractions Decimals and Percentages.

How many equations can you write for each of these pictures?

 We are using our Writing Toolkits to write even better Recounts.
 This week we are focusing on 
 and , particularly how we produce a detailed plan, write in paragraphs and hook our reader in.

 We are continuing to work on our throwing and catching skills with a variety of different-sized balls.

We are planning a piece of art which combines our Inquiry, Art and Maths this week. Look out for something special.

We have the bikes booked for Friday.

Don't forget to book a time for our on Wednesday, May 24th. We have so much to share with you!

* We have a Tsunami Drill sometimes during Week 2.
* Don't forget that all your uniform is correct. If you have a problem with uniform, go to the Office before school for a Uniform pass. 

Our Plans for Term 2 Week 1 in B6
Inquiry: Our Inquiry   on

Tuesday afternoon on the school field...

In Maths  this week we will learning new games to build on our Basic Facts, Number Knowledge and Place Value Knowledge. These will then be incorporated into our Independent Learning Tasks.

Writing Recounts of our holiday adventures. We will be looking at new ways to plan our ideas, beginning to use paragraphs to organise our ideas and editing our writing.

Reading: Making predictions before reading the text to become better and more active readers as well as targeted phonic and word practise.

PE: We will working on our throwing, striking and catching skills.

Our Plans for Week 11 in B6

your Library Book on Tuesday. Mrs Books (Broadbelt) will be blown away if our whole class remembers!

We will take another detailed look at ORCA and discuss what we are happy with and what needs improving in our classroom.

This week we will be applying the strategies we have been learning to solve real-life problems.  Troy figures in a few of our problems as we work out the wood measurements he had to cut to make our new bag hooks.
We are also carrying out a Statistical Inquiry about Easter Egg choices and comparing prices of eggs in our local supermarkets.

We are continuing to develop our understanding of Place Value through a range of games and activities and getting faster and faster recalling our basic facts.
Our ALiM Maths group get together every morning and our extra practise is really showing when we confidently tackle equations in our Maths group.

We are applying our learning to write interesting descriptions of book and actual characters this week. Watch out, it could be YOU we choose to write about!

We are continuing to learn about how making predictions prior to reading a text helps us to become successful and active readers. 

We have the bike track booked for Wednesday afternoon. Please bring you bike and helmet if possible.

We have a whole school assembly in the Hall at 2.20.

Wishing you and your family a very Happy Easter break.

Our Plans for Week 10 in B6
Our Inquiry is:

How does our Community use our Local Area?
Last week we worked in our groups to think about the following questions:
How can we find out about how people use our local area?
What four lots of information do we need on our Data Squares?
What questions should we ask?
How many people should we ask?
What age should the people be?

Who should we ask?

This was the information and the questions we decided on as a class:
Inquiry: How does our Community use our Local Area?
  1. How do you spend most of your free time when you are not at school, work or home?
Choose one from :
Movies, Sports, Park, Beach, Shops, Library

2. Do you have a dog?

3. Are you a:

4. Do you go to:

We completed Data Squares for ourselves. At first we used our data Squares to complete a simple Bar Graph.
Then we realised how we could use Data Squares to COMPARE two sets of data.

This week we are going around the school surveying students and staff to complete more Data Squares. We will then use the Data Squares to investigate the question.
Once we have collected all our information, we will decide on questions to investigate and compare the data.

There is lots of maths involved in this inquiry.
Also in Maths, we will continue to focus on choosing the best strategy to solve addition and subtraction problems.

Last week we wrote brilliant descriptions of a place by choosing a photograph. Now we are ready to apply all this learning to write a fantastic description, using strong adjectives and similes to describe a chosen place in our local area. We are working on creating clear pictures in our readers' heads.

We continue to practice being a good reader by making 'Predictions' before we read the text.

Building relationships - Park Picnic
On Tuesday we are continuing to build relationships with other people in our Vertical Learning Team with a picnic and games at Manly Park.

On Wednesday morning we have booked the bikes. Please bring your own bike and helmet if possible.

If the weather continues to be good, we will to swim every Friday in the school pool.

Our Plans for Week 9 in B6

Over the next couple of weeks, we are carrying out a Statistical Investigation using Data Squares about our use of the attractions in our local area. This links to our Inquiry using Google Maps to choose our favourite areas. Which attractions are used most? Do the boys choose different attractions to the girls? Does age group affect the choices?

We are using Adjectives and Similes to describe our favourite places. We are looking at 'weak' similes and how we can improve them by making better comparisons. 
We will be experimenting using a simile at the start of a sentence.
How good are we at creating pictures in our readers' minds?

We are continuing to use different addition and subtraction strategies to solve problems. We are learning to apply these strategies to whole numbers and decimals. We are learning to make choices about which methods are most efficient in different situations and make independent choices.

We are learning about the strategies good readers use. 

We are no longer swimming on a Monday but will all continue to swim on a Friday morning.

B7 are teaching us some new games. Last week, the girls challenged each other to a game of Scatter Ball and the boys played Kickball.

We have the bike track booked for the middle block on Friday. Please bring your bikes and helmets.

Passion Fridays:
We continue to enjoy a range of dance, drama, music and sport activities on Fridays.

Our Plans for Week 8 in B6

This week we are learning to Bookmark important links so we can go straight to them.
We are also starting to use Workspaces to help us make decisions about our own learning during Independent Learning Time. 

This week we are using the Gala as our Writing inspiration. We are looking at improving our writing through careful planning, using expressive language and editing.

Spelling Words:
Every morning we are using the Magic 3/3/3 Rule to learn our spelling words.

We all have learning activities set up in Workspaces to further develop our learning after working in groups with Mrs Sharman. We are using our knowledge of Place Value and our recall of basic facts to use more efficient ways to add and subtract.

We all have a Growth Mindset of course!

Our plans for Week 7 in B6
This week is all about having a Growth Mindset and GRIT! Please ask us what these mean and then look out for evidence of it at home and during out-of-school activities. It really is mind-blowing!

This week we will be continuing to use our chrome books to research our local environment. We will choose our favourite places and learn how to take screen shots to create a visual display of these places. During writing sessions we are learning to interest the reader by using descriptive language features, including adjectives and similes. 

MathsImage result for growth mindset clipart
We will be focussing on having a Growth Mindset particularly in Maths. We are continuing to develop our understanding and application of Place Value in order to use a wider range of strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems. We are also beginning daily exercises to increase our instant recall of basic facts. Once these answers can just 'jump out of our head', more of our brain is available to work on problem solving.

It is the Year 4s last session at the Leisure Centre on Monday. The Year 3s will continue to swim at school on Mondays and both the Year 3s and 4s will swim at school on Friday. 

Passion Friday
We had a fantastic time at many different activities last Friday and this continues this week.

We will also be thinking about what we are thankful for and using the magic words:

Our Plans for Week 6
This week we will continue to work through the ORCA values of Ownership, Respect, Collaboration and Achieve, thinking about what these mean to us both in and out of school.

Linking with our Values, we are looking at the 'Communities' we are part of and our 'Neighbourhood'. This week we will be using Google Maps to explore the attractions in our local area.

Our Writing will be based on our Inquiry topics.

This week we will be learning more about Place Value, exploring larger whole numbers and decimals. We will also be continuing our Statistical Investigations, collecting a range of data, presenting as graphs and NOTICING what they show.

Passion Friday:
Passion Friday begins this week. Check the emails for the letter and lists.

Everyone needs their togs on Monday and Friday. Remember to bring a swimming hat and goggles for the Leisure Centre sessions.

We have booked some time on the bike track on Tuesday and would love it if students could bring along their bikes and helmets.

We will continue our reading this week.  Don't forget your Book Bag and reading book every day. Return Library books on Tuesday.

We are getting to grips with using Google Drive. We have been learning to open up 'My Drive,' choose the correct Folder and create a new 'Doc'. Last week we created a table, searched for and added pictures and then collected data from the class about ice-cream choices. Some of us then created a graph to show our results.

We have our last PAT on Tuesday morning.

And... we will be getting ready for the Gala.

Our Plans for Week 5                           

This week we will be continuing our Statistical Investigations about our Ice-cream choices.
Writing: Writing this week will be linked to our Values Inquiry and the Big Book we created together last week.
Reading: Everybody MUST have their book bag this week to bring Reading and Library books home.
Library = Tuesday morning
Swimming: We are swimming as usual on Monday and Friday mornings. Year 4 swimmers do not forget that you need a hat and goggles to swim at the Leisure Centre.
Drama, Dance and Singing: This week we are going to learn two new drama games, a dance to 'Logo Te Pate' and the song 'You're Welcome' from Moana.

Assessments: We have several types of Assessment, including PAT's (Progressive Achievement Tests) going on in our class this week. There is NO need for your child to feel anxious about these tests. They are purely for me to work out their NEXT LEARNING STEPS!

Don't forget: Bring a water gun or drink bottle on Tuesday for our vertical Learning community water fight. It is going to be brilliant fun!
MUFTI on Friday: Boys please bring savoury treats and girls sweet treats. 

Term 1 Week 4 - What an exciting week we have in store!
We have lots of 'firsts' happening this week and several things to remember to bring to school.

Chrome Books:
We need to bring our chrome books, fully charged each day to school from now onwards. These will be kept safe in a locked cupboard in our classroom when we are not using them or when we leave the room. These will come home again at the end of each day. Please encourage your child to get into the routine of taking them straight out of their bag when they get home, putting them on to charge and then returning them to the bag for the next morning.

We will all be swimming every Monday and Friday this term. Year 3's will stay at school for both lessons. The Year 4's will go on the bus to the Leisure Centre every Monday and swim in the school pool on Fridays. Year 4's must bring togs, towel, hat and goggles for the Leisure Centre lessons.
Please check that every piece of uniform is named as this is the only was that we can make sure that the correct uniform is worn home after swimming.

We start our Library visits this Tuesday. Please make sure Library books are returned by the next Tuesday so that new books can be chosen.

Reading Rotation:
On Tuesday, we will begin our Reading Rotation. We will bring home a book to read at home each evening. Please encourage your child to automatically place their book straight back into their bag after they have read it so it is available for their learning in class the next day.

To link with our big book, 'The Ice-cream Truck' and our poem, 'My Ice-cream Machine' we are going to Inquire about ice-cream. We will be ReadingWriting and doing Maths as part of this Inquiry. This will be the first chance to use our Chrome books to research, find photos and present information. Watch this space!

Mufti Day
We have another Mufti Day this FRIDAY. Please bring bottled items to donate to the Raffle and for other Gala prizes.

Week 3 in B6
We have been busy inside and outside the classroom, setting up our room and learning more about each other.
We just have a couple of Permission letters still to be returned so we can post some photos. Please return these on Monday so we can add more photos.

Here we are collaborating to pass the hoop around the circle as fast as we can.

Finding out more about each other by playing 'Catch a Question'.

Thinking Games

It was SO hot in our classroom that Mrs Sharman bought a fan and we assembled it. Thank you, Troy for the tools!

Building our 'Figure Me Out' Maths boxes.

This week, we are:
Swimming in the school pool on Monday and Friday Morning;
Visiting the Library for the first time on Tuesday;
Making our own Cardboard Chromebook to practice keeping it safe and to learn about keeping ourselves and others safe online.
Starting our Reading Rotation
Playing Scatter Ball to that we can re-challenge L5 next month.
Figuring out details about each other using the 'Figure Me Out' boxes we created in Maths last week.
Inquiring into 'Being the Best We Can Be' and out ORCA values
Phew...we are going to be so busy!!!

Week 2 in B6

is our School Focus this term. This is all about making CONNECTIONS and building strong RELATIONSHIPS with each other.
How are we connected to our whanau, our class, our school, our community, our country, our world?

We started last week and have already learnt lots of important and funny things about each other!
Please return all the Permission slips as soon as possible so we can post some photos of our activities last Friday.

This week we will continue to learn more about ourselves and develop our CONNECTIONS with each other.

In Literacy we will use the book 'The Tree Hut Treaty' to discuss how we are connected in our class and to develop our own values. linked with ORCA.

We will use Maths equations to show more information about ourselves and 'Figure Out' more about others.

We will start our Inquiry to always be good digital citizens.

We are Swimming on Friday from 11.30-12.00. Please make sure togs, towel, uniform (including shoes) are all clearly named.
In Art we are using a photograph and a drawing to make an interesting portrait of ourself.

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